How Does It Help?

Thermography, also known as Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), is a health analysis tool that produces infrared images showing patterns of blood flow near the surface of the body.

Very different from anatomical or structural analysis tests, such as mammography, MRI, or ultrasound, these pictures indicate where heat and inflammation exist over specific organs telling us a lot about your state of health.

If there’s anything happening in your body that might indicate potential disease, such as a cyst or tumor, we’re then able to coach patients on how to get better results for the next screening and be healthier in general.

Our chiropractors are proponents of the process and use it themselves. They’re excited to offer this service to their patients.

Boasting an FDA 510k clearance, thermal imaging is most commonly used by women for breast cancer screenings, but may be used to detect other types of cancer and diseases. Men may also benefit from the screenings. By detecting physiological changes in the body in response to disease or pathology, such as abnormal vascular activity and inflammation, patients are able to take additional steps to heal the body and eliminate inflammation.

What To Expect

Prior to your scans, there are intake forms to complete, as well as some protocols to be followed before your screening. Patients may request a breast only scan, a health profile, or full body imaging. HSA and FSA plans are accepted.

The actual scan will take place at Atlas Spine & Wellness Care. After your scans are completed, they’re submitted through the patient portal to our team of interpreting doctors for review. They will create the report, take all the temperatures with the software, and return the results to the patient and the practitioner.

Your technician is certified through the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT) and works with the international company Flow Well to interpret your scans. When you receive the results, the scans will indicate if there are any areas that need to be further explored to prevent or treat a concerning condition. Lifestyle changes are often recommended to improve health, and the technician may refer patients to different professionals for further care.

Your Technician

Meet Janelle Solomon

Finding the Perfect Niche

Janelle Solomon received her Bachelor of Science in Experimental Psychology in 2009 from the University of South Carolina at Columbia. She moved to California, got certified as a yoga instructor, and started working with an awesome chiropractor who was also practicing functional medicine. Janelle is grateful to have learned so much about the differences between functional and traditional medicine while she was there.

Janelle has always lived and worked the holistic lifestyle. Raised by two chiropractors, she wanted to share her knowledge and help others learn about living holistically. You might even say it’s her passion!

Moving back to South Carolina, Janelle worked with a naturopathic doctor in Charleston before going out on her own. The knowledge she has gained has been invaluable. Combining holistic health with the scientific aspect behind the screening provided the perfect fit for Janelle to work one-on-one with patients and help make a difference in their lives.

After learning about thermography, Janelle became certified in the technique and did a six-month internship. She’s excited to be teamed up with two amazing chiropractors! She also does health coaching to help people as they move along their health journey, helping them feel their best.

Hobbies & Other Interests

Janelle loves yoga, the beach, and nature of any kind. Especially with her Dachshund poodle Roman! She’s also enjoying fixing up her new house with her partner.

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Additional Services

Our specialty is NUCCA chiropractic, which is very different from traditional chiropractic.

As an alternative to surgery, patients may elect to try non-invasive spinal decompression therapy.

Class IV laser therapy is considered a highly effective tool for faster healing & reduced pain.

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