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Our Philosophy

Committed to Excellence

At Atlas Spine & Wellness Care, we believe in a world where health is a daily practice rather than a pursuit and where individuals are empowered to discover their natural healing potential.

Our practice aims to provide health and wellness services in tune with the body’s natural healing power in a space conducive to healing and peace.

We want our patients to understand that health is a lifelong journey; it’s not something that’s accomplished with a pill or surgery or a single chiropractic adjustment. Our goal is to build long-term relationships and offer long-term solutions.

Our Values

Our Work Is Heavily Shaped by Our Core Values

Our History

Dr. Felix and Dr. Erica both attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and now specialize in orthogonal chiropractic care. Dr. Felix is completing his certification in upper cervical work through the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. They visited the Low Country in 2018 and loved the area and its proximity to the healing powers of the ocean. They opened our practice in 2021.

Since meeting in chiropractic college, Dr. Felix and Dr. Erica long considered opening a practice together. They are thrilled to have made this dream a reality, and love being a trusted part of the community.

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Our Approach

Upper cervical adjustments utilize a specialized set of X-rays that allow us to precisely target very gentle adjustments to the very top vertebra of the spine. People are surprised that such a light touch can make such a big change in their health and function. We take post-adjustment X-rays so you can see objectively that your alignment has been corrected.

“One of our recent success stories involved a woman with Chiari malformation who came to us with numbness and tingling, pain in her neck, migraines and a burning sensation in her hands and feet. After two adjustments, her symptoms had resolved.”

Our gentle, specific method of care has helped many patients with a variety of conditions, including:

Meet Your Doctors

Life-Changing Results, Focused on Science

Atlas Spine - Mount Pleasant: Dr. Felix

Dr. Felix Periard

Dr. Felix grew up in Montreal and, every winter, had terrible sinus congestion and headaches that would last half the year. During elementary school, his mother took him to a chiropractor as a last resort when nothing else had helped him. Within a few visits, his sinuses were draining and his headaches were gone. He loved the effects of chiropractic and continued receiving regular care.

While in high school, he had a terrible head-on collision with a tree while skiing. He developed piercing headaches. With chiropractic care, the headaches cleared up in a couple of months. As long as his spine is aligned, he doesn’t have headaches. If his spine becomes misaligned, his headaches come back.

These experiences in his youth made him want to help other people in the same way and he knew that he would become a chiropractor.


Dr. Felix attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and graduated in 2017. He has continued his education in Upper Cervical work and is completing his National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association certification process. He met Dr. Erica while at Palmer and they opened Atlas Spine & Wellness Care together in 2022.

Empowering Patients

The best part of being a chiropractor for Dr. Felix is educating and empowering patients to trust their body’s innate healing capacity.

Dr. Felix wants patients to understand that chiropractic care does not treat symptoms or diseases—rather, it’s a method of restoring balance and function, so natural healing can take place.

With gentle upper cervical adjustments, we restore alignment to the spine, which in turn allows the nervous system to function as it should. When the nervous system is free of interference, your body can heal itself the way it was designed to do.

Away From the Office

When he’s not at work, Dr. Felix loves spending time outdoors. He enjoys hiking, kayaking, exploring nature and traveling. Some would call him a foodie and appreciates all the restaurants Charleston has to offer.

Atlas Spine - Mount Pleasant: Dr. Erica

Dr. Erica Oram

Dr. Erica didn’t have personal experience with chiropractic care growing up. In fact, she thought the same thing that many people think—that chiropractic was just something that helped with back pain. But later her brother attended chiropractic college, and as they sat together one day, he started explaining the philosophy and science of chiropractic to Dr. Erica. She was intrigued by the connection between spinal alignment and nervous system function, and she enrolled in chiropractic college the next day.

She attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, where she met Dr. Felix. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2020 and she and Dr. Felix opened Atlas Spine & Wellness Care in 2022.

Focused on a Gentle Approach

Because there is no popping, cracking or twisting of the spine, the adjustments Dr. Erica provides are appropriate for patients of every age and physical condition. She strives to educate patients that, when we restore alignment to the spine, the nervous system can function at its highest potential—which means your body’s innate healing intelligence can take over to create true health and wellness.

Dr. Erica specializes in atlas orthogonal adjustments, which are safe and extremely gentle.

Creating a Healing Environment

Currently, Dr. Erica sees existing patients, but her focus for now is on managing our office and ensuring that our space is relaxed, calming and conducive to healing. Patients describe Dr. Erica as a ray of sunshine, and she’s passionate about taking care of the little details that help our patients achieve their goals. We want your experience here to exceed your expectations!

In Her Spare Time

When she’s not at work, Dr. Erica is often training for a 5k or half marathon. She loves animals and dog sits for the joy of it. She also enjoys traveling and exploring new restaurants around the low country.


What Our Clients Say

julia chen
Dr. Felix is an excellent physical therapist. He has been treating me for 2 years. I highly recommend him.
I waited about 3 months before I posted, because I've posted early in the past and got burned but the longer I've been Doctor Felix the better I've felt. I have a severe cervical and atlas instability in my neck, traditional chiropractors made it worse. When I came into treatment with Dr Felix, I had so many chronic migraines that I couldn't think straight, so much pain, and so many neurological issues that I thought I was literally dying. Since treatment started, just the feeling of having my head on my shoulders again has been amazing. I still get occipital migraines here and there but they don't last weeks on end anymore, usually a day or two at most. My thinking is more clear, my energy is much better and I don't have to take anti inflammatory meds anymore. I feel like I got my life back.
Michele Lewis
Stop living in pain! No more popping and twisting of ligaments, as in traditional chiropractic care. Via very precise, non-painful, movements, Atlas will align your vertebrae. In doing so, muscle tension, back, leg, and neck pain will be obliterated! Friendly, experienced, reliable health care. Thank you, Atlas Wellness- you've changed our lives-literally!
Tom Campbell
I give Dr. Erica and Dr. Felix both 5 Stars – so perfect 10’s! They have the sweetest bedside manner of any doctor I’ve ever seen! I primarily see Dr. Erica and she’s incredibly gentle and intuitive knowing what’s need often with the touch of a feather and all treatment guided by xrays. Seeing an atlas orthogonal upper cervical chiropractor was thing that took away my chronic migraines of 30 years. They'd get so bad I’d have to go to urgent care to get shots to relieve the pain even though temporary. I generally see her once a month for maintenance – 100% headache free!!!
Jillian Martinelli
I cannot recommend Atlas enough. I had VERY bad sciatic pain for months, to the point where it was painful to sit for more than a minute or two at a time. A friend referred me to Dr. Felix, and he worked wonders. He is incredibly precise in his adjustments, which are so gentle you may not even feel them, but the results speak for themselves. After just two or three visits my pain was already subsiding greatly. Dr. Felix and his wife are so warm and welcoming. They truly get to know their patients and take an interest in your life, working with you to get you back to the things you love doing -- which for me was running and taking care of my kiddos pain-free! I'm so grateful I found Atlas.
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Grace Hill
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Charles Mason
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