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What is NUCCA?

There are many styles and types of chiropractic, just like in traditional medicine. Our specialty is NUCCA chiropractic, which is very different from traditional chiropractic.

At Atlas Spine & Wellness Care, we believe in achieving more by doing less—fewer adjustments and less force. Our goal is not to find vertebrae or joints that aren’t moving. We analyze, locate and correct the misalignment of the spine that’s causing dysfunction in the body, based on the ideal biomechanics of the spine and the proper alignment of its vertebrae.

With extremely specific X-rays of the head, neck, and lower back, our doctors are able to measure your spinal misalignment down to a fraction of a degree. The analysis of those X-rays tells us what happened to the spine, what traumas the person experienced, how it affected their spine, and how the spine has had to compensate through the years.

Following specific calculations unique to NUCCA, a manual correction, unique to your situation, is performed, restoring normal alignment to the spine. We seek to bring the head and neck back to vertical.

The NUCCA adjustment is extremely gentle and painless. There’s no twisting, cracking or popping. Imaging is repeated after the adjustment to determine if the correction was sufficient and if alignment has been restored. In some cases, a second correction may be necessary to ensure your spine is stable and aligned.

Your spine may be misaligned if:

Introduction to NUCCA

NUCCA chiropractic care is a unique system of analysis and correction of the Atlas Spinal Misalignment.

Signs of Atlas Misalignment

The C1 vertebra, the Atlas, is the weakest of the spine and is the most prone to being misaligned and locked.

The Recovery Process

Most can expect change in symptoms as early as 5 days following their first correction.

Our patients have shown improvement in conditions like:

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Additional Services

As an alternative to surgery, patients may elect to try non-invasive spinal decompression therapy.

Class IV laser therapy is considered a highly effective tool for faster healing & reduced pain.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), uses a far infrared camera to take pictures of the body.

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